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Fans of Wolvie

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5/26/09 02:10 pm - chocolatte87 - A Wolverine/Deadpool fanfic - by Chocolatte87

Rating : NC15 (violence, language unsuitable for yonger readers)
Characters : Logan/Wolverine, Wade/Deadpool, The Goon, The Stranger. (Wolverine and Deadpool belong to marvel)
Add.Info : This scenario takes place after Logans adamantium is ripped out by Magneto (ouch), therefore he has his skeletal claws instead. Deadpool has not been changed.
Summary : Logan finds Wade wounded and takes him back to his place to recover (though he wishes that he hadn't) This story begins the following morning...................enjoy :
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5/14/09 05:18 pm - lorelaievans - Icons

[24-49]Dulce María
[50-59]Maite Perroni
[60-65]Poncho Herrera
[66-86]Evangeline Lilly
[87-100]LOST: Skate
[101-133]X-Men Origins: Wolverine
[1]Banner: Dulce María
[3]Wallpapers: Evangeline Lilly, Maite Perroni

Click me @ lorelaievans_gr

5/10/09 10:03 pm - tenerio

[04]Hugh-Wolverine Icons
[11]Hugh Jackman

All Here @ ten_icons

5/8/09 09:03 pm - superfire - 64 Icons.

64 Icons.

- Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
- Wolverine Premiere.
- J2 Channel Ten Adverts.
- Various SPN.
- 4.21 'When The Levee Breaks'.
- Jared & Jensen Red Bull Soapbox Race.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

here @ its_a_fixation

5/7/09 06:04 pm - deadl0g - Angry Video Game Nerd: X-Men

full episode

5/4/09 12:30 pm - evilgrins - it's all about the big smiley face before the credits...

...and also, there's a lot more movie in the credits so if you didn't stay until the very end you missed a lot!

4:41 PM 5/2/09 · I just got back from seeing X·Men Origins: Wolverine and I gotta say I liked it bunches. Situation wasn't ideal for me on a few points, which did kinda take away from it so I'm definitely gonna want to see it again. I'm the kinda guy that likes to see a movie from the 2nd or 3rd row, dead center, so the screen fills my entire field of vision.

Actually kinda like it when something goes across the screen if I have to turn my head a bit to watch is pass by.

However, I was invited to go by SuziSuzi and she prefer so to sit further back and I guess it'd've been rude to make her sit alone so I didn't. Also, we wound up a bit more left of center than I'd've liked but otherwise the seats weren't so bad.

X·Men Origins: Wolverine runs the gauntlet from the 1st Wolverine miniseries Origin, cuz there've been additives to it since, and other aspects of the continuing stories pertaining to the Weapon X program. The canon is more from the 3 X·Men films than the comics but I found a lot of it echoed stuff I already knew. Then there's the matter of that one guy I saw in the trailers, who I posted some confusion about last Friday, who I couldn't figure who he was and lots of people told me when I learned I was going to hate it.

They were right...and wrong.

Oh yes...there will be spoilersCollapse )

5/3/09 02:26 pm - gracefulrage - just enough

Title: Just Enough
Characters: Logan/Silver Fox
Verse & Time: middle of Origins Wolverine
Warnings: None, it's fairly PG

"Was it the wars?"


"Which one?"

"All of 'em."

xposted to xmmff, xfiction

Disclaimer: I was drunk when I wrote this. I'm really interested to know whether or not you all think it sucks.

4/25/09 08:08 pm - tenerio

[04]Hugh Jackman

Icons Here @ ten_icons

4/22/09 04:51 pm - witchanteia - Pictures of the new Wolverine:Origins movie

found these, thought maybe someone would like to have a looksie!

Spoilers under the cut sorry!Collapse )

3/11/09 04:36 pm - 4contrast - nice bodyart ;)

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