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Pictures of the new Wolverine:Origins movie

found these, thought maybe someone would like to have a looksie!

In case you can't figure it out from the pictures, this is wolverine: origins

mmmm, yum!


Dies looking at buttox


OMFG I would love to open the door shotgun r no shotgun n c that on the other side!!!


OMG OMG OMFG!!!  Is that THE jacket from X1?

*marbles rolled, lost under the bed, gone never to return....


Ughh!!!  Thas some veinage right there!  rar what pretty toofers tho!



Givin me some eyebrow action


*Dies harder than the movie Die Hard
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Waaaaaaaah nekkid Wolvie!! This movie's gonna kill me.
& Indeed, TEH jacket! ♥
OMG that is too cute what you did..LOL and yes some bare butt Wolvie..LOL
I texted my sis during the naked scene and just worshipped Hugh's backside... Yeah, she hates me now...^_^