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it's all about the big smiley face before the credits...

...and also, there's a lot more movie in the credits so if you didn't stay until the very end you missed a lot!

4:41 PM 5/2/09 · I just got back from seeing X·Men Origins: Wolverine and I gotta say I liked it bunches. Situation wasn't ideal for me on a few points, which did kinda take away from it so I'm definitely gonna want to see it again. I'm the kinda guy that likes to see a movie from the 2nd or 3rd row, dead center, so the screen fills my entire field of vision.

Actually kinda like it when something goes across the screen if I have to turn my head a bit to watch is pass by.

However, I was invited to go by SuziSuzi and she prefer so to sit further back and I guess it'd've been rude to make her sit alone so I didn't. Also, we wound up a bit more left of center than I'd've liked but otherwise the seats weren't so bad.

X·Men Origins: Wolverine runs the gauntlet from the 1st Wolverine miniseries Origin, cuz there've been additives to it since, and other aspects of the continuing stories pertaining to the Weapon X program. The canon is more from the 3 X·Men films than the comics but I found a lot of it echoed stuff I already knew. Then there's the matter of that one guy I saw in the trailers, who I posted some confusion about last Friday, who I couldn't figure who he was and lots of people told me when I learned I was going to hate it.

They were right...and wrong.

If you're reading this now and you haven't seen the movie then I take no responsibility for anything you learn about the film. You're ruining it for yourself!

Much as I did love this film I gotta say, they did kinda go over the top in the content department. Not so bad as the Spawn film did, compressing 100 issues of comics into one film (badly) but still...they could've saved something for a sequel. I suppose there's time given that there's supposed to be about 15 years between this and the first X·Men movie.

The first Origin miniseries tells of the man that could be called Wolverine later from his early years as a sickly child to about the point of his being a young man. Guesstimate about 21 or so. While it was never actually said in the series I noted the greater phsyical resemblance the handyman had to how young James would look later in life than his actual father. In the movie they actually reveal what I suspected, that James' mother had an affair with him and the man he thought was his biological father wasn't...

...although, this whole bit about Victor being that guy's son is totally just the film. After all, the character name is really Victor Creed, not Victor Logan. Still, the canon of the movies has its own course so while it may resemble the comics in a lot of ways we are clearly talking an AU (alternate universe) situation. So, if I have no choice in the matter, accepting that they're brothers in this doesn't bother me too much.

Opening credits give a rush job of various wars that Victor and Logan fight in, side by side, from when they left home together in 1845 to about the Vietnam War. Just prior to that we see Logan kill the man he thought killed his father, who turned out to be his actual father, with his newly discovered bone claws. By the time the film actually gets going the two are freed from a prison, after their execution that didn't quite take, by Stryker and get recruited into the Program.

Calling it that for wont of calling it anything else. In the comics it was called Weapon X but in recent years that designation switched more specifically to Logan with the X being the Roman numeral. The team consists of Deadpool, Wraith, Logan, Victor, the man who would one day be the Blob, Weapon Zero, and a cyberpath named Riley... the way, anybody got a clue if he's an original creation for the film or an established chararcter? I do know of cyberpaths in the comics but no one like him.

I was very impressed seeing them how they were displayed with the exception of Deadpool. I mean, he was very impressive but a bit wrong. Perfect in behavior and nonstop motomouth style but his skills with the swords were so outta place. Deadpool is supposed to be good with swords, true, but not that good and they're not the only weapon he uses. He's really more of a gun, big explosions, kinda guy than anything else.

I love how they played Silver Fox, she was great. Took me a bit off guard when she came back later but I brushed that off. Much the same happened in the comics but there she didn't still claim to have any feelings for Wolverine and his memory of her death was an implanted memory. The manipulation level here really worked well so far as that went.

There were some things that were a little over the top. The fight with Gambit in the alley, how Wolverine's slicing up that fire escape while it's falling down? That was more Bugs Bunny level of insanity than the comics Wolvie's in. Kinda cool but at the same time all sorts of wrong...

...which kinda leads to another little issue I had. I every single one of the X·Men films they've done something fundamentally wrong with his claws. Something that didn't make sense (X2) or should not've been possible (X1) and I'm currently blanking what I had an issue with in X3. Relatively speaking I don't see an overt problem with anything here, though there is a sketchy thing from the helicopter vs motorcycle fight I'm gonna need to watch again, which was very much like the problem I had in X1...but one thihg does kinda bug.

I loved how his bone claws looked...and even moreso as they more or less looked correct. The guy's claws coming out between his knuckles is really something that happened in the films and was adapted to the comics afterwards. They're supposed to come out on the backs of his hands just behind the knuckles. Relatively speaking they were more between the two spots in this film but that's not really the big thing. The adamantium is supposed to coat his bones and lend their indestructability to his overall toughness but what happened with his claws is just bizarre.

They made them more like blades than they were before. His claws are sharp but their is a vast difference in their shape before and after. Where they were thinner up and down before they were now more like something out a ginsu catalog. This is made especially evident when he first extended them and we see them sove all the bones in his hand out of the way to pop out.

So wrong.

While I'm on that, there's another thing but it's less him and more the adamantium. The alloy is indestructable, impervious to harm from anything unless it's destabilized on a molecular level. That includes from other things made out of adamantium as well. The concept of being able to shoot an adamantium bullet through his adamantium skull is pure insanity. For the record, Wolverine has been shot with adamantium ordinance before and while it hit him harder than anything else it did not get through anything other than his skin.

This goes doubly the same for any decapitation attempts. Though, in that case, while adamantium cannot cut adamantium if the slice got through the joints where the bones connected that would work. The joints and connective tissue are not coated with the metal.

The revelation that Weapon XI was Deadpool kinda hurt. That he had been given grafts to give him a multitude of powers, instead of just Wolverine's healing factor as it had been in the comics, was pure insanity. It was also vaguely familiar. From Marvel's What If series there was one under the heading "What would've happened if Wolverine had never been in the Weapon X program?" that mirrors this on so many levels. Don't know if the guy was Wade or not but when failing to grab Logan for it they picked someone else and afterwards he was nearly unstoppable and had 1 lengthy retractable spike on each arm for weapons...

...minus the excess hardware involved, he looked a lot like Deadpool did here.

So, I didn't hate that completely.

There was a slight nod to Alpha Flight in this movie. The old couple that sheltered Logan were Travis & Heather Hudson. In the comics the couple that found him after he got the adamantium were James & Heather Hudson, who worked for Department H (Canadian superhuman program) and were the creators of Aplha Flight. I thought that was kinda cool...

...and the scene in their bathroom where he kinda lost control of his new claws was hilarious!

A couple of the cameos were a bit much.

That Cyclops was in this bothered me the moment I saw it in the trailers but they handled it nice enough. He and Wolverine never make direct contact so that was good. However they completely screwed up his powers. His optic blasts are an energy beam that hits with solid force but other than the impact potential it doesn't do much else. The scene where Sabretooth ambushes him in the school he loses his lenses and blasts a significant amount of damage to the surrounding strcuture. No big thing there, that kinda thing happens. Problem is that in the after effect there's obvious burn damage everywhere his beam hit. Cyclops' power hits but it doesn't burn, the beam isn't remotely hot...

...which is again a problem later when "Deadpool" uses an optic blast and heats up Wolverine's claws when he was deflecting the beam.

From the screencaps I saw from the first trailer (Clicky!) I know a very young Storm was supposed to be in this film but I didn't see her anywhere. Stryker's son, Mastermind, was there but in a block of ice the whole time. There were a few other mutants I didn't recognize, in the holding pens, but I did see Quicksilver among them which was an unexpected surprise. Emma Frost was in this as the sister of Silver Fox which is just wrong. Then again we only see her with her secondary mutation being used as her first so again comic canon takes a bow to the movies own canon.

I did like her teamup with Cyclops though. That was cute.

While I didn't like the whole "brothers" thing they did with Logan and Victor, I do love how they handled Sabretooth. That was sweet. It did look a little ridiculous with that whole bounding charge thing he does, though I can see how that makes for a good attack. The family bond between the 2 isn't wholly unusual, there was a short stretch in both 616 and Ultimate Marvel that Sabretooth was convinced that Wolverine was his father...

...the only thing I really enjoyed about the X1 Sabretooth was that he was so much taller than Wolverine. Made up for the fact that Hugh Jackman wasn't as short as he should be for the role. It's kinda odd in X·Men Origins: Wolverine seeing them being about the same height.

Oh well.

SuziSuzi isn't exactly a silent partner when you see a film with her so I had to field questions while I was watching it about certain characters. Didn't bug me much. It's been awhile but I have gone to films with chatty people before. That and I kept whispering names when characters came onscreen. Too quiet for anyone to hear unless they were right next to me...and I wasn't the only one in the theater doing it either.

I really loved Gambit, more than I thought I would. Hope he comes back in another X·Men film somewhere along the way. His accent didn't seem to be as pronounced as I expected it to be and I had thought his last name was more of a "boo" than a "boe" but other than that...Wow! I didn't have issues with any of the ways his powers were displayed, though that slamming the stick down with explosive shock effect was kinda pushing it a bit.

There's more...but I may save that for another post or comments.

During the credits:
There were 2 continuations in there.

The first was Stryker still walking until a crew of military police came to arrest him.

The other was in the ruins of that final battle where we see one of Deadpool's arms retracting its blade and then putting a finger to his lips, apparently the arm and the head landed close enough together and the blade sliced his mouth open again. He goes "Shhhhhhhhhh...."

Creepy but feasible. Deadpool's had his head chopped off by Wolverine in the comics before and he's still around.
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