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Fans of Wolvie

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1/28/09 12:02 pm - evilgrins - Rawr!

Hulk vs...

1/18/09 08:47 am - skybluerae

taken from wolverinerogue :

New picture of the Wolverine movie cast.


12/26/08 02:10 pm - motorized

Made some icons from the new wolverine movie!
The Dark Knight, Wolverine, Gossip Girl

HERE at imotorized
feel free to watch the community if you like what you see!

12/23/08 10:36 pm - 4contrast - have you noticed...

...that in movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" (2009) there is same tandem of Hugh Jackman (headline) and Liev Schreiber (secondary role) as in "Kate and Leopold" (2001)?

Read more...Collapse )

12/19/08 04:50 pm - 4contrast - Thieves Gambit

I always wanted to draw a real comic book, but at this time I’m busy in another way of art. I’m sure that one day I’ll do it!
So, for a start I took an animated episode of “Wolverine and the X-men” and turned it to comics! =) Just for fun.

1st part is here,
2nd pard is here
and the 3rd part is here

Enjoy! :)

12/16/08 07:41 pm - sockmonkie

i'm sure most have seen this, but for those who haven't...

10/17/08 08:12 pm - witchanteia - Wolverine Trailer

So *yawn* does anybody want to see the new WOLVERINE TRAILER???

Go here: http://wolverine-trailer.blogspot.com/

And see his Royal Hotness!

12/6/08 08:18 pm - evilgrins - needed something better for my wolverine community

Happy | Sad | Angry

Wolverine 3

Pretty simple:

Direct linking with dimensions:

12/1/08 09:31 am - colonoscarpeay

I have created a few wallpapers of everyone's favorite little runt.  Let me know what you think.  Enjoy!

*these are all 1024x768 pixels
*please comment if snagging

*if there is anything you want changed, just let me know
*click on the image to go to my journal post.


9/20/08 01:36 pm - evilgrins - wonky mugen

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